Harnessing the Power of the Sun: The Economic and Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy


As we enter a new year, we want to show you how solar energy can make a difference to both your expenses and our planet! 


This blog post aims to shed light (pun intended) on this powerful, renewable resource, and how you can harness it for your benefit.


The Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy


When it comes to solar energy, the first thing that likely comes to mind is its environmental benefits. And rightly so. 


By harnessing the power of the sun, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint. Solar panels generate electricity without producing harmful greenhouse gases, which are a primary contributor to climate change. 


Not only does this make solar energy a clean, green source of power, it also makes it a sustainable one. The sun, after all, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!


The Economic Benefits of Solar Energy


Apart from being environmentally friendly, solar energy is also kind to our wallets. How so? Well, for starters, it can greatly reduce your electricity bills. Once you’ve installed solar panels, the energy they produce is free. This means you can potentially save hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds over the lifespan of your solar system.


But that’s not all. Government incentives, such as the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), make it possible for you to earn money back by selling any excess energy that your solar panels generate. Plus, properties equipped with solar panels often see an increase in value. So, if you’re thinking about selling your home in the future, solar panels might just give you an edge in the property market.


And not only that, from 1st February 2024 it’s 0% VAT on battery storage systems.


So, if you’ve been thinking of adding batteries to your existing solar panels, or a standalone battery system so you can take advantage of night time tariffs and cheaper energy prices, it’s now even more affordable.


Addressing Common Misconceptions About Solar Energy


Despite its numerous benefits, some misconceptions about solar energy persist. One of these is that solar panels are expensive to install. While it’s true that there’s an upfront cost, the long-term savings you’ll make on your energy bills can more than offset this initial investment. And with various financing options and grants available, going solar might be more affordable than you think.


Another misconception is that solar panels won’t work efficiently during winter or on cloudy days. While it’s true that solar panels generate more electricity when the sun is shining brightly, they can still produce power on cloudy days or during winter. In fact, solar panels can sometimes work more efficiently in cooler conditions!


Don’t just take our word for it, look at this…


At M J Wallace, we’ve had the privilege of helping numerous clients make the switch to solar energy. Take, for example, a local village hall we did a 30kw solar panel installation for. 


Not only have they significantly reduced their carbon footprint, but they’re also saving on business expenses and have enhanced their reputation as eco-conscious.


Just look at these figures…

This is a picture showing the positive environmental impact of having solar panels

This is a picture showing the positive economic impact of having solar panels


There you have it – Harnessing the Power of the Sun: The Economic and Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy


Solar energy presents a win-win solution for both the environment and your wallet. With its potential to reduce pollution, save on energy costs, and even increase property value, it’s no wonder more and more people are choosing to harness the power of the sun.


At MJ Wallace, we’re committed to helping you make the switch to clean energy. As a Which? Trusted Trader with over 15 years of experience in the renewable energy market, we offer tailored solar energy solutions to suit your needs and budget. So why wait? Join the renewable energy revolution with M J Wallace today!


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