Why Should I Install Ev Charging Points?


Electric vehicles have become increasingly popular over recent years. According to a study carried out in January 2023, there are currently over 680,000 electric vehicles on the road in the UK. The national grid continues to increase their expectations of electric vehicles on our road, estimating there to be up to 36 million EVs in the UK by 2040.

The demand for EV charging points is only set to become greater in the years to come, and the UK’s Road to zero strategy means the UK is aiming to create “one of the best EV infrastructure networks in the world”. By installing EV charging points at your home or business, you could support the UK in achieving this goal, and take advantage of the many benefits it could bring.


Benefits Of Installing An EV Charger At Home

Make charging more convenient

Having an EV charging point at your home makes it much easier to charge your car on a regular basis. At home, you have complete control of when you charge your car and how long for, with no need to wait in timely queues. You can eliminate the need to leave the house earlier to make time to travel to a charging point, or having to search the maps on your phone to find your nearest charger. You can simply plug your car in overnight, get a good night sleep, and wake up in the morning ready to go.

Charging At Home Can Be Safer

When charging at public charging points, your car can be exposed and at risk of theft or damage. Charging at home can help to avoid these risk factors and enable you to keep a closer eye on your car whilst it is charging.

Add Value To Your Property

Did you know, that by installing an EV Charging Point at your home can increase the sale potential! With the increase of electric vehicles on the road, many potential homeowners will be looking for an EV ready driveway. The fact that the premium is much more than the initial installation cost of a home EV charger makes home charging even more attractive.

Integrate With Other Renewable Energy Sources

As the world moves towards sustainable energy solutions, the combination of solar panels and EV charging has become increasingly popular. Solar panels can be integrated with EV charging stations to create a self-sustaining system. Systems such as the Hypervolt 3.0 can charge your car by using your solar panels excess energy – resulting in completely free charging! This combination of solar energy and EV charging represents a significant step towards a cleaner, greener future.

If you don’t have solar panels installed and are wondering about the benefits of them, read our most recent blog on them here.


Benefits for a business

Increase Customer Duration Time

On average, EV owners spend 30 minutes to 2 hours of their time at charging points. Some public charging stations supply about 80 miles of range for every hour of charging. Superfast chargers can deliver significantly more –  some can provide around 200 miles charge in just 30 minutes at a superfast charging station! However, on average, it’s likely that EV drivers will want to be plugged in for at least an hour. This will allow them plenty of time to enjoy visiting your premises, whether that’s browsing your store, spending time at your gym or restaurant.

Increase Footfall At Your Property

EV owners need to stop and charge somewhere, and with the increasing number of these type of vehicles on the road, the demand for charging points is only getting greater. Most people are more likely to charge their vehicles in places where they can spend time and occupy themselves whilst the car is charging. With places like supermarkets having limited infrastructure, people are searching for more places to charge their vehicles. Installing charging points at your premises will encourage people to stop, whether they are local to the area and finding a nearby point, or just passing by. This will encourage the EV owners that are charging to spend time and money at your business.

Have The Infrastructure To Offer An EV As A Company Car

If you offer employees electric vehicles as part of a company car scheme in 2023, the move could be very tax efficient. All company cars are subject to a benefit in kind tax (BIK). The BIK value assigned to a car is based on its list price, with multipliers for its CO2 emissions, fuel type and range for an electric car. The lower the emissions, the lower the BIK, which is why so many businesses are opting for EV fleets for their company vehicles in recent years. EV company cars mean less BIK tax for the employee and less National Insurance Contributions in comparison to a petrol or diesel vehicle.

To be able to offer electric vehicles as company cars, your business needs the proficient infrastructure. Which is why installing EV Charging points is beneficial.

Generate Additional Revenue

Installing EV charging points can create an additional source of revenue for your business. This is done by selling the electricity to the EV driver. Businesses can retain the profits of the price a driver will pay to charge their car. This means the more EV chargers you have installed at your business, the more possibilities there are to generate additional income.

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